Beautiful Bridgerton Baubles

This weekend we’re tuning into the latest season of Bridgerton on Netflix.

The series transports us to the late Georgian period to a specific time referred to as the Regency era.

Fashion at this time was curated by the aristocratic class through the outlet of balls, gossip columns, and of course jewelry.
Victorian old mine cut diamond cluster jewelry antique estate jewelry
Jewelry was not yet mass produced and was painstakingly fabricated with its stylization heavily influenced by the French.

Proper etiquette dictated that modest jewelry was reserved for the day, while more opulent pieces were for evening social events.

Diamond drops would often come with covers that will clip over the stone to conceal for modesty or for the safety of travel.
Diamond Drop Earrings Carriage Coach Cover Earrings Antique Estate Jewelry
Dresses became lower in neckline which called for jewelry to highlight the newly exposed area.

Rivière necklaces and swagged necklaces were comprised of faceted gemstones or paste - often foil backed to intensify color.
Edwardian Diamond Swag Necklace Collar Necklace Antique Estate Jewelry
While brooches were positioned at the center of the chest to further accentuate the fashion forward French aesthetic.
Statement Jewelry Gemstone Brooch Gold Charms Tassel Drop
Even more notably and in tone with the show - jewelry was romantic.
Pieces were often gifted in courtship and as a way for lovers to display their mutual affection.

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