Happy Fourth of July - We're Celebrating with the National Bird

On the Fourth of July, we celebrate our nation's birth in remembrance of the freedom that rang in 1776 when the patriots of the Revolution claimed triumph over the British. With newfound liberty, the Founding Fathers were able to mold the colonies at their own discretion, siphoning inspiration from the Roman Republic.

One such symbol derived from ancient roots is that of the much exalted Aquila. Latin for eagle, the Aquila was a golden eagle talisman that topped the staff carried by the Roman armies. Its veneration was an integral part of Roman society, stoically residing for diplomatic meetings, in the field ready for battle, and always in the emperor's presence. Since this idol was thought to be representative of a united Rome, it was a gut-wrenchingly bad omen if an Aquila standard was lost. It was paramount that the golden eagle be protected and brought home to Rome.
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Similarly, the bald eagle was chosen to grace the Great Seal of the United States on June 20th, 1782 due to its longevity, strength, and majesty. With an outstretched, encompassing, wingspan the bald eagle soars over the rolling hills and lush fields of America. Powerfully pumping its wings to an audible, rhythmic beating, its golden eyes perceptively assessing its surroundings, ready to plummet in a flash of feathers. It was determined that the bald eagle would be the embodiment of freedom and represent new America's willingness to fight for that liberty.

The Great Seal of the United States depicts a stylized image of the bald eagle clutched in each talon an olive branch and thirteen arrows. The arrows represent the thirteen original states, and the olive branch is symbolic of peace. Clamped in its beak is a scrolling declaration 'E Pluribus Unum', Latin for, "Out of many, one." The narrative of this seal is that the United States strives for tranquility but will be ready to unite and fight to preserve that ideal.
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The seal echoes the colors used for old glory. Blue to mean vigilance and justice, white - innocence, and red as valor and hardiness. The 13 stars are present once again to represent the thirteen original states.

The national bird was chosen with much thought and deliberation and has been embraced as a powerful character in our nation's story. An illuminating muse for craft artists to rally their countrymen into feelings of prideful patriotism.

In our collection we have perched and soaring diamond studded eagles watching over our jewels.

And the beautifully rendered silver and gold Anheuser Busch eagle pendant shrieking cries of joyous freedom.

We hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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