Mother's Day Gifts

Amethyst Flower Brooch Diamond Jewelry Vintage Estate jewelry
Happy Mother’s day weekend!

You can give Mom the sweet gift of flowers or something a little more memorable.

We’re shopping lockets!
Diamond Pendant Necklace Vintage Gold Locket
These pendants are functional keepsakes that can live close to the heart.

Lockets remain one of the cleverest and most sincere tokens of love.

You’ll often see them as being integral to plots in book and film as a tangible manifestation of a relationship.
Sapphire Diamond Pendant Necklace Vintage Gold Heart Locket
These jewelry tokens have had the pleasure of housing paintings, mirrors, notes, hair, and photographs.

Though the inner cavity is intimate - the outside profile tells a story as well.

Locket cases are often embellished with gemstones and glossed with enamel to depict a pattern or image.
Guiolloche Enamel Locket Belle Epoque Edwardian Diamond Necklace

This interactive gift is captivating - inside and out.

Shop lockets and other Mother’s day jewelry!

Vintage Pearl Brooch Diamond Jewelry Wreath Brooch Pearl Cluster