Somewhere Over The Moonstone

Magic is in the air with June’s birthstone - moonstone.

The composition of moonstone is durable and familiar, but its schiller phenomenon is rare!
Retro Tiffany & Co. Moonstone Sapphire Cluster Pendant Statement Necklace Vintage Gold Jewelry
When light hits this gem, it diffuses across orthoclase feldspar layers creating a billowing adularescent shimmer.

Its glow is captivatingly mystical and only seen in some species of mineral like quartz, moonstone, and labradorite.
Moonstone Tourmaline Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet Gold link Bracelet Elizabeth Locke
This lambent quality resonated with ancient civilizations who believed light was captured within the stone. It became a talisman of protection with healing properties.
Moonstone Cupid Cluster Ring Antique Gold Jewelry Statement Ring
Moonstone was most popular in Victorian, Retro, and Art Nouveau jewelry - contrasting crisp metallic detailing with a soft hazy sheen.

Take this opportunity to breathe fresh life into your jewelry collection with moonstone!
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