Efthimios Zolotas was the son of Greek traders and tailors but his passion lie in jewelry.  He successfully founded his business in the jewelry industry and his pieces are prized by many who favor Greek style.


Efthimios Zolotas: The Most Popular Greek Jewelry Innovator In The 1900s

Zolotas  went to France to study craftsmanship and returned to Greece with an impressive skill set. Shortly after returning to Greece, he opened his first store in Athens in 1895 and by 1901  had established the House of Zolotas on Aeolou Street. Owning a store in this location was equivalent to New York City’s 5th Avenue.

As soon as he opened the first store, Zolotas gained a distinguished clientele mainly from the Grecian elite. The crowd of ateliers, famous people, wealthy businessmen and Greek icons sought Zolotas’ designs. 

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The Opening Of Zolotas’ School And Mass Expansion Of The Brand

Because Zolotas wanted more exposure for his line, he gathered some of the finest craftsmen in Greece and opened a school where he taught ateliers the art of jewelry making. As a result he was guaranteed artists who created pieces of impeccable quality and style.

In the 1950's, as a result of growing popularity and demand, The House of Zolotas began crafting jewelry pieces of high karat gold with impeccable craftmanship. What made Zolotas jewelry unique were the motifs and symbols utilized - they had once been sacred to the Greek pantheon.

Lions, snakes, bulls and other motifs were represented in  Zolotas jewelry. Many celebrities, wealthy businessmen and even Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore Zolotas jewelry. By the 1970s, Zolotas also opened a store in Paris and continued to innovate the market with amazing designs.

Zolotas 3.50 CTW Diamond Platinum 18 Karat Gold Festive Bow Brooch


Zolotas Jewelry Today: Making The Most Of Its Iconic Motifs

Zolotas is a brand that is still going strong and continues to use iconic motifs that keep it in the vanguard of fine jewelry design. From rings to necklaces, bracelets and earrings, Zolotas jewelry is worn everywhere around the world and appreciated by every true jewelry connoisseur in the modern era.

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Zolotas 3.50 CTW Diamond Platinum 18 Karat Gold Festive Bow Brooch