Layaway Payment 4/4

Layaway Payment 4/4 for Rare Victorian Banded Agate 8 Panel circle Bracelet and Brooch


By purchasing you agree to the following terms:

1. If we do not receive your final payment by 05/27/2018, we will

automatically cancel your layaway purchase unless we agree to extend that date. All monies paid will be forfeit

and can be used for store credit at the sole discretion of Wilson's Estate Jewelry. Wilson's Estate Jewelry may, at it’s discretion, extend the date of forfeiture. 2. Layaway Agreement

The minimum amount of the purchase price allowed for a layaway, is at the discretion of Wilson's Estate Jewelry. Wilson's Estate Jewelry will hold item(s) described below for a minimum period of 90 days (Wilson's Estate Jewelry may at it’s discretion, allow a longer period of time). Accepted forms of payment for layaways is Cash, charge, or wire transfer.

Payment 1 - $128 (your deposit) at order date. 

Payment 2 - $169 is due not more than 30 days from initial order date. 

Payment 3 - $169 is due not more than 60 days from initial order date. 

Payment 4 - $169 is due not more than 90 days from initial order date.

During this 90 day period, said item(s) will not be offered for sale to the general public. Deposit must be received by Wilson's Estate Jewelry the day of order or item(s) will again be offered for sale to the general public. 

Upon receipt of a layaway order, Wilson's Estate Jewelry will issue a Layaway Confirmation which will include the order date, total order amount and the due date for each payment. Please keep this confirmation for your records. The Layaway will be immediately taken off the floor and retained for the customer. As payments are received by Wilson's Estate Jewelry, a note will be made on the original invoice which will show the total order amount, amount of payments received and the date received, the balance due and the due date of payments remaining. Please keep these confirmations for your records also. Any layaway not paid in full in the 90 day period will once again be offered for sale to the general public, unless special arrangements have been made with Wilson's Estate Jewelry.





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