Aquamarine Appreciation

Summer is here with heat to beat. It’s a good thing we’ve stocked up on refreshingly cool aquamarine blues! 

Each stone is cut to have a deep pavilion that lets you fall into its perfectly blue pigmentation that echoes the palette of the summer sky. 

 Tiffany & Co. Oval Aquamarine Round Brilliant Diamond Platinum Line Bracelet Signed Retro Estate Jewelry

We love the versatility of this gemstone and how it energizes each mounting where it resides.  

This newly acquired Angela Cummings foliate ring explodes radiance as the yellow of the mounting brings out the intoxicating color of its bezel set center.

 Angela Cummings Round Cut Bezel Set Aquamarine 18 Karat Gold Foliate Gemstone Ring

Aquamarine is durable and often found naturally in large eye-clean crystals allowing it to be cut in a myriad of ways to bring boundless creativity to design. 

A great example is our chic retro Cartier brooch designed as a cluster of grapes - each morsel is a hexagonal cut aqua that brings life and dimension to the piece as it simultaneously symbolizes prosperity.

 Cartier Retro Grape Brooch Hexagonal Aquamarine Gemstones Signed Antique Jewelry 14 Karat Gold

Classically, aquamarine is fashioned as a stepped rectangular cut or emerald cut, with each stepped facet lowering us deeper into an azure paradise.

These geometrically savvy works are bold statements that embody refined prestige.

 Rectangular Step Cut Aquamarine Basket Set Omega Back Earrings

Emerald Cut Basket Set Aquamarine Platinum Retro Cocktail Ring Antique Gemstone Jewelry

Aquamarine is the essential gemstone of summer with its pastel watery hues and its unflappable confidence.

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