Jewelry Care Guide

You’ve just found the perfect piece of jewelry - Congratulations! Here’s a handy guide to help keep your piece looking as spectacular as the day you acquired it. If you still have questions, be sure to ask your trusted jeweler for more guidance.

General Care 

Make it a habit to periodically inspect your fine jewelry. It is a good idea to take it to a professional jeweler every six months or so to ensure that the gemstones are secure in their settings and to have them cleaned. Tightening a setting is a quick fix and can save you the grief of losing and having to replace a precious gemstone.

To quickly brighten your jewels again without professional intervention, you can use a jewelry cloth to gently wipe away grease and oxidation.

Ultrasonic cleaners, used by most jewelry stores, are fine for cleaning many contemporary fashions but are not recommended for antique jewels. 

When Not to Wear Your Precious Jewelry

To protect your jewelry from dirt, sweat or physical injury, remove it before you exercise, engage in a DIY project, garden or go to the pool. Harsh chemicals are especially damaging to your precious jewels, so be sure to take off your pretties before doing any housework, hobby or other task that exposes them to harm.