Be Our Valentine!

There are so many people in our lives that enrich each day and Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to show friends, family, or a significant other just how much you appreciate them. 

Unlike flowers, jewelry endures the testament of time, becoming a keepsake that empowers a relationship.

Art Nouveau Whiplash Garnet Brooch Vintage Gemstone Jewelry Gold Brooch

We always love seeing jewelry with a little saying or a pun. Gifting these thoughtful musings is a refreshing way to strengthen a bond with a loved one. 

Eiffel Tower Charm Bracelet Jewelry Enamel Estate Jewelry Platinum Art Deco

Heart motifs iconically emote sweet nothings and are an absolute staple when celebrating Valentine's day.
Vintage Gold Heart Brooch Diamond Heart Jewelry Valentine's Day Gift

Another great token of love is a glittering gemstone - flushed and vibrant with color.

Modern Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring Pave diamond Band ring Philadelphia Vintage Jewelry

Shop our selection and treat yourself or a loved one this Valentine’s Day!

Carrera Y Carrera Earrings Vintage Gold Heart Jewelry