Creative and Modern Ways to Wear a Brooch

With antique jewelry enjoying a revival women with exquisite tastes are finding themselves drawn to the beauty and versatility of brooches as a way to embellish any ensemble. Brooches have long been used as a way to add flair to a blazer’s lapel, the neckline of a cardigan, or the knot of a neck scarf.  The traditional ways of wearing a brooch are fun and appropriate for certain occasions. How can these gorgeous adornments be applied in a sleek, chic, and modern way?

large multi gemstone brooch sapphire ruby emerald diamond

At the Collar

You needn’t wear a scarf around your neck to enjoy the look of a brooch at the neckline.  Place one over the top button of your oxford shirt or if you have several you want to display, arrange them around the collar of your sweater or tee for a truly unique alternative to a necklace.

Tiffany and co vintage bug pin tourmaline

On Pockets

There is nothing wrong with placing a pretty brooch on the lapel of your jacket, but a more modern take on this classic look is to tack one or more brooches to the breast pocket instead.  You could also place brooches on hip pockets or even on prominent pockets on pants or skirts.


On a Hat or Headband

A plain hat or headband can become a bejeweled masterpiece when you start adding blingy brooches to the mix.  You could also try pinning them to small barrettes or even hairpins to create unique hair jewelry with virtually invisible attachment.

Creative And Modern Ways To Wear A Brooch

On a Belt

In most instances it would be unthinkable to add jewelry to the waistline, but there’s no reason you can’t turn a plain belt into a focal point by pinning on one or more brooches.  If you have a large brooch, you could use it as a custom belt buckle, but smaller pieces could also be added near a low-key buckle or at front-facing belt loops for added sparkle.


On Shoes

You may not be able to afford custom shoes but you can easily customize what you have with the use of vintage brooches.  If you have a matching set you can pin them to the toe area of plain flats or heels to emulate the shoe clips that were popular decades ago.  You can even spice up your average pair of Keds, Converse, or other canvas sneakers with mix-and-match brooches for unique styling.


On a Tie

Want to try the menswear look with a feminine twist?  Add some wow to your double Windsor by wearing the knot loose below the neckline and adding a glittery brooch.  

Art Deco diamond feather pin

On Purses

Nearly all of your accessories can get an upgrade with brooches, and your handbags are no exception.  Simply stud them with one or more vintage brooches for a custom look with modern appeal.


On Other Jewelry

Want to upgrade your strand of pearls or a demure gold chain?  Why not tack a brooch onto simple jewelry to transform it into an incredible, custom piece.  Brooches could be added to bracelets, necklaces, and even rings to rework your jewelry strategy.  If you’re ready to become a trendsetter by creatively adding brooches to your outfits, check out the superb selection of vintage brooches at Wilson’s Estate Jewelry.