Estate Jewelry Gifts Perfect for Mother's Day

Motherhood is an adventure...chaotic but rewarding, as you welcome little ones into the world and help them navigate who they will become. There are just as many good days as there are rough ones, but each instance is precious and should be held in high regard since each of these memories is another piece in the puzzle of life. As you move forward, more of the puzzle is revealed, and a story unfurls, bright with vivid imagery.

One of the greatest gifts to give is a reminder of a special time in someone's life by capturing a moment with a tangible artifact that represents so much more than the metal and stone components. It's a way to look at an object and be transported in your mind's eye to a cherished memory. That's why jewelry is so irreplaceable to many. You can look at a ring and see a loved one, a necklace and think back to your thirtieth birthday, and a charm on a bracelet reminds you of your child's bright smile. Mother's day is the day to celebrate all the moments that have built lives and how those lives intertwine and forge a bond that lasts beyond a lifetime.

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Here we have delicate charms each with a quirky tale to tell as they are crafted with tiny meaningful details - the charm's significance waiting to be integrated into someone's story. Each charm could represent a pet, a travel experience, a career, celebration of a birth, or another life souvenir.

Another favorite of ours is the locket since it is incredibly poignant and usually given with great care and love. The locket has been popular since the Victorian age and has been used to contain hair, poems, or pictures of loved ones.

Mother's day gifts Lockets antique jewelry estate necklaces
Here's a snapshot that was recently taken here at Wilson's Estate Jewelry when Brad Wilson's mother came to the store for a visit. In those smiles is the memory of the lunch we enjoyed as we teased one another, erupting into laughter. We learned that we were all animal lovers and eagerly shared pictures and stories of our beloved pets. Lunch was such a simple gesture, but one that we will remember since it brought us together and made our team closer. We hope the same for your family as you celebrate this coming Mother's Day.

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