Estate Jewelry Gifts Perfect for Mother's Day

Motherhood is a chaotic but rewarding venture, especially in the current climate. Whether mom is home or away it's important to take a moment to appreciate her.

There are so many little things that build a person and jewelry is a tangible way to capture those personal elements.

You can light up her day in a big way by giving a gift that is uniquely her. A thoughtful heartfelt gift has the ability to become a keepsake heirloom to be passed down. A story of person that continues to build with each life it touches.

Here we have delicate charms each with a quirky tale to tell as they are crafted with tiny meaningful details - the charm's significance waits to be integrated into someone's story. Each charm could represent a pet, career, celebration of a birth, or another life souvenir.

Another favorite of ours is the locket since it is incredibly poignant and usually given with great care and love. The locket has been popular since the Victorian age and has been used to contain hair, poems, or pictures of loved ones.


Still need a gift for Mom? Take a look!