Ghoul Jewels

Vintage Gold Animal Brooches Victorian Snake Love Knot Aesthetic Period Emerald Lizard Brooch
The moon is high and the creatures of the night give us a frightful delight.

They scitter, slither, and crawl to attend a masked masquerade ball!
Carrera y Carrera Vintage Gold Designer Jewelry Enamel Victorian Mourning Locket
It’s hard to contain their thrill as party guests get their fill.

Ghostly pale moonstone transports us to the astral plane via its scintillating schiller.

Revealing haunted ethereal Graces walking their paces in empty spaces.
Elizabeth Locke Carved moonstone Greek Cameo Hammered Gold Vintage Pendant Brooch
Enjoy the spine-tingling additions to our collection.

You’d be a fool not to shop our ghoul jewels!
Carved Vegetable Ivory Carved Lava Rock Lion Head Bangle Gold Snake Jewelry