Happy Halloween - Mourning Jewelry Treats

This Halloween we have treats instead of tricks as we share our reserve of antique mourning jewelry!

Victorians loved meaningful and symbolic forms of art. Through this practice, they manifested their views on life and love. 

Victorian Mourning Jewelry Carved Onyx locket pendant Pearl accent onyx station necklace

Mourning jewelry evolved from the profound acceptance of death with the motto ‘memento mori’ Latin for “remember death”.

Pieces were glossed with black enamel or accented with carefully cut onyx.

Sparkling bright diamonds were often paired with these darker elements to facilitate a visual representation of the highs and lows of life. Victorians learned to appreciate the balance that both can bring.

Belcher Set Old European Cut Diamond Black Enamel Mourning Ring Alternative Engagement Ring

Cross imagery was another common aspect of mourning jewelry. This icon was a requiem for the devoutly religious. It served as an emblem of faith and reminder of the rewards of a pious lifestyle. 

Rose Cut Diamond Cross Necklace Heart Pendant Antique Mourning Jewelry

Mourning jewelry was a unique and artful conversation on life and death, and its brusque sentiment continues to intrigue collectors to this day.

Edwardian Maltese Cross Stickpin Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Cross Pendant Rose Cut Diamond Cross Mourning Ring