Happy Thanksgiving - Autumnal Treasures

This Thanksgiving, we are gobbling down the phenomenal objet d’art housed in our collection.

Vibrantly gemmed fruits spill forth like a bountiful cornucopia full of festive autumnal treasure.

Art Nouveau Tri-Colored Gold Fob Pendant Period Fashion Philadelphia Estate Jewelry

Our mouths are watering as we enjoy the succulent renderings of fresh produce and zestful foliate.

These artfully fabricated seeds and grapes are symbolic of prosperity and rejuvenation.

Each luscious depiction bursts with vibrant color that create an exhilarating ambrosia for the palette. 

Vintage 1960's Pomegranate Brooch Coral Enamel Fruit

This ample harvest flourishes with renditions of tri-colored verdure. Meticulously detailed leaves of green, yellow, and rose gold dance in the wind to celebrate the cycling of the seasons.

Edwardian Art Nouveau Antique Vintage Estate Jewelry Citrine Pearl Diamond

Our hearts swell with gratitude as we enjoy the craftsmanship captured in each of these carefully curated pieces.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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