Innovative French Design

For centuries the French have pushed the boundaries of innovative design with craftsmanship that is unrivaled.

They dared to dream and make fantasy into reality.

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This fruitful tenacity led to France pioneering modern diamond cutting.

The first well-documented theories of the round brilliant cut originated from France’s Jean Baptise Tavernier

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King Louis XV romantically commissioned the invention of the marquise cut diamond - the navette shape being inspired by his lover’s lips.

These incredible feats of modernization poured over into the 18th century where France unveiled the Eiffel tower at the 1889 Parisian World Fair - an architectural marvel.

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Other revelations that stemmed from French design were tremblant florals, plique-à-jour, and invisible setting.

When looking for incredible gems we always look for that tell-tale French mark that confirms its quality.

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