September's Birthstone - Sapphire Dinner Ring Spotlight

September’s birthstone is the venerable sapphire!

It ranges from a distinguished inky blue to an alluring cornflower blue. Sapphire is a gemstone with properties said to enhance level thinking and with an appearance of refinement.
Oval Cut Sapphire Centering an Octagonal double halo dinner ring Art Deco Antique Jewelry
Its steadfast nature made sapphire the perfect gemstone to coincide with the inception of the dinner ring!

This style of ring came into prominence through the 1920s during the Prohibition era in America. With the sale of alcoholic beverages prohibited, cocktail parties fell by the wayside and the term 'cocktail ring’ with it.
Channel set sapphire surrounded by diamond halo deeply engraved platinum dinner ring Fully signed Tiffany & Co.
Instead, innovative women hosted fabulous dinner parties to have a reason to show off their latest fashion with friends and family. The dinner ring became the next big thing!

Regaled in sophistication, dinner rings were elongated mountings with intricately pierced details and a low profile.
Three Stone Art Deco Dinner Ring Sapphire Diamond Antique Jewelry September Birthstone
Often amplifying this design was the hardy sapphire which added a burst of blue sparkle in electric lamplight.

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Art Deco Sapphire Diamond Dinner Ring Worn on Model French Manicure Period Fashion