Shining Zodiac Finds - Happy Birthday Leo Lions!

Vintage Gold Bangle Bracelet Lion Cuff Ruby Gemstone Jewelry
Leo, it’s your time to shine - let’s do so in flaxen gold!

The constellation is based on the Greek myth of the Nemean lion - an impenetrable fierce beast that could only be defeated by the demigod, Hercules.
Hercules Bull Cameo Signet Ring Repousse Gold Vintage Gold Jewelry Seidengang Ring
Following suit, people born under these stars are indomitable.

Highly energetic and authoritative - Leos make for natural born leaders.

Accurately represented as the lion - natural in majesty with their mighty manes and powerful paws.
Signed Designer Cartier Jewelry Vintage Glass Jewelry Leo Lion Brooch Vintage Gold
Just like the August birthstone, peridot, Leos thrive under intense heat and pressure.
Signed Designer Elizabeth Locke Earrings Peridot Birthstone Jewelry Hammered Gold Earrings
Party with other members of the Zodiac and enjoy your birthday Leo!

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