The Brilliance of Peridot

Peridot is a brilliant birthstone that shines for the month of August. It heralds in the peak of summer as it radiates light with bubbly optimism. 

Peridot’s signature yellowish-green hue flourishes like lush summer vegetation. The stone symbolizes power and nature due to its electric green that has mesmerized since antiquity.

Peridot August Birthstone

Ancient Egyptians mined the stone as a favorite for the pharaoh queen Cleopatra. Romans were fascinated by how peridot seemed to glow, especially at night when other gems lost some of their shine. Its brilliance seems to radiate from within the jewel itself. 

Belle Epoque Edwardian Peridot Pear Cut Drop Necklace

This gemstone is commanding and a source of unfaltering leadership with a celebrated lasting popularity. It’s charismatic color illuminates and strikes inspiration into the heart.


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