Bailey Banks And Biddle

Worn By Everyone, From Presidents To Astronauts

Bailey Banks and Biddle is an American jewelry firm that formed in 1832 and quickly became a recognized leader in jewelry fashion.  Of great interest to this firm was retaining the integrity of fine jewelry using attention to detail as a guiding force in each piece created.  Many Americans held in the public eye have worn jewelry made by Bailey Banks and Biddle.

The founding date of September 10th, 1832 makes Bailey Banks and Biddle the Oldest NAtiowide Jeweler in America. It all began when Joseph Trowbridge Bailey partnered with Andrew B. Kitchen to establish the Bailey & Kitchen Jewelry Company in Philadelphia.

Their partnership was dissolved by mutual consent in November 1846 - but the business continued when the brother of J.T. Bailey formed a new partnership with Jeremiah Robbins and James Gallagher under the name of Bailey & Company.

Bailey Banks and Biddle

The Death Of J.T. Bailey And BB&B’s Expansion In The US Government And Military

After his father’s death, Joseph Trowbridge Bailey II entered the business as an apprentice and became company president in 1853. He partnered with Samuel Biddle of Robbins, Clark & Biddle and George Banks of J.E. Caldwell & Company to form the name - Bailey, Banks & Biddle Company. From this foundation in 1894 to date, the partners have not been changed.

Early success for this brand came from selling and manufacturing medals, ribbons and honor awards for the US government and military. The Purple Heart, The Congressional Medal of Honor as well as class rings for West Point and Annapolis were all manufactured by the brand and engraved with custom testimonials.

In 2007, Bailey Banks and Biddle sold all of their stores to the Finlay Fine Jewelry Corporation for $200 million and merged the 17 subsidiaries and 35 jewelry stores in the southeastern United States.

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The Modern Line Of Products Worn And Bought By Many Famous Celebrities

From engagement rings to diamonds, designer watches and bracelets, the line of products from Bailey Banks and Biddle is all-encompassing. President Lincoln, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and many other famous people have been patrons of this firm.

Some of the brand’s specialities include diamonds, engagement rings, brooches, scarf pins, bracelets, earrings, buttons, pearl fasteners and collar buttons. To date, the brand is committed to quality and longevity with every piece. 

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