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Elizabeth Locke

One of the notable modern jewelers is Elizabeth Locke who found her niche by drawing on a lifelong fascination with antique jewelry items.

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The Elizabeth Locke jewelry pieces are hand-selected and manufactured. Each of the neo-classical pieces tells a different story - whether it contains Venetian glass intaglios, Essex crystals, Japanese porcelain buttons or Chinese gambling counters. From porcelain buttons to gold jewelry, Elizabeth Locke has made an impression on modern jewelry.

Elizabeth’s love for classics began at the age 11 when she visited Italy with her father.  She saw the graceful goddesses, sphinxes and caryatids that were present in the piazzas. So began her love affair with Italy and all items of inspiration to be found there.


Elizabeth Locke History of jewelry

Elizabeth Locke Jewels was first established in 1988 as a result of the founder’s experiences abroad and her natural ability for arts and visual sensibility. The line was received very well and has become quite well known.

Elizabeth Locke Jewels In The Modern Era

Elizabeth Locke

The Elizabeth Locke jewelry stores can be found in Manhattan and Boyce, Virginia. The jewelry pieces are also available through independent boutiques across the country.

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