Coming In All Styles & Colors

What Is A Natural Fancy Color Diamond? Coming In All Styles & Colors red

Diamonds are considered to be the most precious gems on the market. As a result the more rare a color, the higher the value.  Fancy colored diamonds go beyond the normal color range and feature colors including pinks, blues and greens.

Available In Many Colors, Different Saturations, Hues And Shades

What Is A Natural Fancy Color Diamond? Coming In All Styles & Colors purple

Even the slightest color differences can have an impact on the value and price of a diamond. Compared to the fancy yellows and browns, diamonds with a hint of other hues are more rare.

From red to green and blue, there are diamonds available in many colors, light and dark. Grading the fancy color diamonds is a complex process and a specialized one which takes highly trained experts to complete it accurately. Since not all of the fancy color diamonds have the same depth of color, there are a range of different saturations, hues and shades.

For example, diamonds with a red or reddish color are considered as the rarest and those with the highest value. Pink diamonds are popular too, followed by diamonds that are purplish, orangy, brownish or grayish. Blue diamonds with a slight hint of gray makes them highly saturated and similar to blue sapphires. Just like blue diamonds, green are considered extremely rare and always regarded with suspicion and examined carefully in the labs worldwide. Brown, on the other hand, is the most common fancy diamond color and the one that has been used in jewelry since the earliest of times.

Low In Saturation And High In Price And Value

What Is A Natural Fancy Color Diamond? Coming In All Styles & Colors yellow

In general, fancy diamonds are light in tone and low in saturation which makes them slightly muted. The hues are most usually found in the yellowish green category and in the green diamonds, the hue is continued to the surface extending through the entire stone.

The most common mines for colored diamonds are found in South America, Southern Asia, Northern Asia and Australia.