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Lalaounis history of jewelry

Ilias Lalaounis is the founder of one of the most popular Greek jewelry brands - Lalaounis. In 1941 amidst of the Second World War, he took over the family firm.  His passion for history lead to a very successful enterprise within the art-inspired jewelry community.

Lalaounis history of jewelry


When Ilias finished studying the art of ancient Greek metalworking, he finalized his vision and was able to breathe new life into Greek museum artifacts.  He employed many age old techniques while pursuing the best of modern technology.

The spiritual and symbolic link of an object to its historical past is a motif in many pieces of Lalaounis jewelry. Because Ilias was certain that creativity would have to be coupled with fine craftsmanship, Lalaounis pieces rose to popularity.

The Art Of Neglected Art Manufacturing Techniques

One of the characteristics that make Lalaounis jewelry exemplary is the use of techniques such as hand-weaving, hand-hammering, granulation and filigree.  Ilias founded the Greek Jeweler’s Association and exhibited his first collection in 1957.

The collection combines the very best pieces of Minoan, Classical, Hellenistic and Mycenaean art as well as modern jewels that steeped in antiquity. This lent to refinement and concluded with recognition by the jewelry industry in the 1960's.

The First Lalaounis Branches Across Greece And The World

After the death of his father, Lalaounis decided to expand the brand and opened new locations. One of them was in Acropolis, Greece where he believed new clients could be discovered.

Lalaounis history of jewelry

One of the most popular Lalaounis jewelry designs is the "Blow Up" collection which drapes the human body in gold jewelry. It is inspired by spheres, random plant and cell movement, bio-symbols along with constellations and orbits.

The Lalaounis jewelry business continues to grow and also has locations in Europe, Asia and America. Ilias Lalaounis was the first goldsmith recognized by many institutes and organizations around the world.

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