McTeigue & Co.

McTeigue & Co: One Of The Most Successful Partnerships In The Jewelry Industry

The history of mcteigue and co. Jewelry

McTeigue & Co began when Walter P. McTeigue founded the business. At the time, he was an art and jewelry enthusiast and was highly regarded.

Some of the first customers included the names of Caldwell, CD Peacock, Black, Starr & Frost, Shreve, Crump & Low, Tiffany & Company and others. To this date, McTeigue & Co. is indicative of exquisite design and craftsmanship.

The history of mcteigue and co. Jewelry
A Brief Brand History
It all started in 1985 when Walter McTeigue and Tim McClelland stepped into the same elevator in New York and struck up a conversation. Their friendship developed into a collaborative venture in jewelry making. Even though they were both in the business at the time, they had different backgrounds and skill sets.  In addition, their plans for the future made the partnership even more exciting.

Even though McTeigue & Co. is a brand owned by Tiffany & Co., until 1990 it functioned independently. After 100 years of making jewelry for fine retailers, the brand was purchased along with its inventory, equipment and archive of designs.

The company focused on groundbreaking design, exceptional gemstones as well as superior craftsmanship. This is how the McTeigue collection blended the very best of diamonds, gemstones with their own creativity to produce precious items. Currently, the master jeweler behind the brand is Tim McClelland who adopted the same principles as Walter P. McTeigue and follows his approach in classic design and traditional craftsmanship.

The history of mcteigue and co. Jewelry

McClelland makes sure to lead the brand in the direction of handcrafted pieces as he guides the team of talented gemologists, artisans and craftsmen using old world tools and techniques.

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