The History Of Pearl Jewelry

Mikimoto: The History Of Exquisite Pearl Jewelry
Kokichi Mikimoto is the founder of Mikimoto Pearls. In 1893, the brand created the first cultured pearls. Thanks to his accomplishment, the beauty of pearls spread around the world and became available to people everywhere. Since that time, Mikimoto has continued the legacy of adorning the necks of women with pearls and has dedicated itself to the pursuit of beauty.

The First Cultured Pearl By Mikimoto 

Mikimoto: The History Of Exquisite Pearl Jewelry first pearl

Japan’s Shima Peninsula is the sacred place for this brand. Since the 19th century, it has been producing native akoya oysters which were depleted by the harvesting of natural pearls. The personal fascination of Kokichi Mikimoto for natural pearls made him the first in the world to successfully culture a semi-spherical pearl in 1893. 
The island of Ojima near Toba is now known as Mikimoto Pearl Island because of the company’s dominance. The first pearl specialty boutique was opened in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district which layed the groundwork for the modern jewelry industry in Japan.

The Mikimoto Cultured Pearl: A Worldwide Symbol Of Japanese Culture

Mikimoto: The History Of Exquisite Pearl Jewelry

The brand has since attended many compositions, exhibits and shows. In 1913, the first overseas Mikimoto Pearl Store opened in London, after which the pearl invasion continued in locations such as New York, Paris and other major cities.
The traditional Japanese craftsmanship and European finesse enabled the establishment of the Mikimoto Gold Work Factory in 1907. This was Japan’s first factory dedicated to the design and manufacture of jewelry.
In 1972, the company name changed to K. Mikimoto & Co. Ltd. and is now known as a comprehensive jeweler with an extensive line of quality items including pearls.



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