America’s Most Renowned Jewelry Brand

If you ask a jewelry connoisseur about a list of his favorite brands, there is a little chance that Tiffany & Co. won’t be on it. As a brand with vast history and great tradition, Tiffany is one of the most renowned American brands in jewelry to date.

From A New York Costume Store To A Refined Diamond Store

In 1837,  Tiffany & Co. launched its first shop in New York labeled as “Tiffany & Young”. The store had fancy goods and stationary at first with only a small selection of jewelry including costume jewelry and a few accessories. The owners Charles Lewis Tiffany and John P. Young soon expanded their business to fine jewelry which was imported from Europe.

Antique Tiffany History Makers Mark

In 1848, Young went on a trip to Paris during the second revolution in France. Nobles in France who were loyal to the king but desperate to leave Paris, sold their diamonds to Young at heavily discounted prices. Tiffany jewelery suddenly became even more luxurious, exquisite and refined.

The diamonds then became a vital element of Tiffany. In 1850, there was a big store opening in Paris at 79 Rue de Richelieu which allowed the firm to keep abreast of the latest trends from Europe. As the years passed, Charles Lewis Tiffany gained control of the company and renamed it “Tiffany & Co.”.

The brand offered turquoise products, high-end fire opals, tourmalines from New England, demantoid garnets from Russia and all of the finest products available from exotic cultures.  These items were refined and tailored to the needs of buyers in the West.

How The Heir Enhanced The Brand’s Reputation In The Art Nouveau Era 

In the 20th century, the brand was passed on to a new generation. Louis Comfort Tiffany (who was Charles’s heir) led Tiffany to a new era in decorative arts and jewelry. Items became even more exquisite, as the motifs of each piece of jewelry were inspired by nature, dragonflies as well as Queen Anne’s Lace.

The soft colored enamels, mixtures of gemstones and other precious materials were all part of each new collection. After the death of Charles, Louis Comfort Tiffany took control of the entire business and led the firm through the Art Deco era and the Retro age.

Van Day Trueux’s Influence On The Brand And The Multi-Designer Approach

In 1955, there was a new president of the company named Walter Hoving who hired a new chief of design  - Van Day Trueux. At the time, Trueux was praised in many media outlets for his amazing taste and passion for art, design and obviously, jewelry. Trueux also invited other team members who contributed to the brand. One of them was Jean Schlumberger who was a well-connected socialite and highly regarded talent.

Tiffany & Co. became a symbol of luxury and a renowned brand with a strong bond to bold enamel, bright gemstones, bright materials and breathtaking designs. The company continued to hire individual designers, creating a team of amazing innovators that continued the dominance in a completely new era.

Tiffany & Co. In The Modern Era

Today, Tiffany & Co. is a brand that is popular in every part of the world. With the influence of several significant designers in the past and the fine modern designers, Tiffany strives to become the very best American brand specializing in high-end jewelry, diamonds and pieces made from rare materials inspired by art, nature and other positive motifs.

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