Amethyst: Bright Birthstone of February

Striking, unmistakable and rich qualities abound in February’s birthstone known as amethyst.  With slightly varied shades including lavish transparent purple to deep lavender hues, this gem is relied upon as a trusted element for exquisite jewelry.

Amethyst Antique February Gemstone Birthstone

Attributes of amethyst include its mineral composition that allows for exemplary carving. It is a hard stone, and as such, can be worn daily without concern for damaging the stone.  Caring for amethyst is simple as well: warm soapy water and a soft brush followed by a thorough drying are the only requirements. 

Also, amethyst sources are abundant as there are large deposits in the North and South Americas and Eastern Asia.  Because it is plentiful, purchasing amethyst jewelry allows for a myriad of choices both in design and cost.

 For those with a February birthday, enjoying a ring, pendant or bracelet comprised of amethyst is a must!  It’s color, often associated with royalty, is irresistible and both the wearer and those who notice jewelry find it to be unforgettable!

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Amethyst Antique Diamond Crown Brooch