Adding Personal Charm to Your Bracelet

For eons there has been a fascination with miniatures...miniature carved stone or ivory animals, small ancient stone figurines, perfectly rendered small doll house furniture, minute hand woven Native American baskets, little hand blown glass animals....MINIATURES make smiles!
A large Selection of antique art deco diamond charms for bracelet

Charms (delightful miniatures) placed upon a charm bracelet and worn on the wrist create a fun, whimsical and decorative look at past moments.  A quick glance at your wrist instantly evokes memories of cherished events and endearing loved ones.

Once I swam with the dolphins along the coast in Key West, Florida.  A super sweet and somewhat flirtacious young dolphin named Tanner followed me as I walked around the large water pool. I am certain that he winked at me!  Dolphin Charm!!!!

Another time I visited the Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona.  Overcome by the abundance and beauty and life in the desert it was inevitable that I would add a cactus charm to my bracelet.
Antique Dog Charm for your bracelet

And then there are the dogs that have been part of my family:  Queenie - a loving border collie mix who was fiercely protective of my younger siblings and I.  Muffin a tiny 6 pound chihuahua mix who had more personality than a St. Bernard. Chocolate my doxie who has gained recognition in our neighborhood as "that Happy Dog".  Certainly, 3D detailed dog charms are among my favorites.

Wilson's has many fine gold, platinum, diamond and other gemstone charms with a variety of themes.  Hopefully there will be one (or more!) that remind you of an endearing person or pet; a vacation including fun in a casino; or another articulated whimsy such as the Nouveau make-up case that opens. 
Antique Vintage casino gold charms for Las Vegas

My charm bracelet is often a reminder of just how lovely, adventurous and meaningful my life is.  It is Wilson's hope that you will continue to live your life to the fullest and that you may add to your charm bracelet until it is overflowing with lovely keepsakes.