Butterflies, Bees & Bugs - Bright & Beautiful Fine Jewelry

Antique and vintage bug jewelry brooches and rings insects

During the Summer months we are privileged to observe lovely, fascinating, and curious insects that have inspired artists in numerous mediums for more centuries than imaginable. Naturally, jewelers of every ilk and era have designed and skillfully created fine jewelry containing gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies and a variety of other gemstones as well as lavish techniques including plique a jour and enamel.

Take a moment to enjoy Wilson's captivating and aesthetically pleasing tribute to several continuously popular bejeweled bugs!

Antique and vintage bug jewelry brooches and rings insects

Colorful, with bright and dynamic contrast, are butterflies who meander until the flower of their fancy is found. Our Victorian and Buccellati butterfly brooches offer visual delight along with superb craftsmanship!  The scintillating dragonfly from the Edwardian era exudes aquamarine brilliance.

rosenthal ruby and diamond bee ring sunflower jewelry

Bees in flight are whimsical while wandering among vibrant floral delicacies. Our Retro ruby and diamond bee ring created by New York's esteemed jeweler Herbert Rosenthal is multi-dimensional with realistic attributes - and highly collectable.

Antique and vintage bug jewelry brooches and rings insects ladybug pin

Another delightful mainstay of insect jewelry is the charming ladybug whose appearance is believed by many to indicate good luck. This quaint and cheerful Retro rendition of the lady featuring black and red enamel is sure to bring you good fortune!

Antique coral bug necklace butterfly scarab beetle victorian

Our offerings wouldn't be complete unless there were mention of this Victorian necklace comprised of carefully carved coral beads with butterflies on one side and beetles on the other.

Antique and vintage bug jewelry brooches and rings insects

As always, it is our goal to procure and make available gorgeous, well-crafted, and hard-to-find pieces for your perusal and purchase. Thank you for considering our celebrated insect beauties!











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