Aquamarine - March Birthstone

Aquamarine the March birthstone Art Deco rings

Salt in the air, stirred by the cool sea breeze, fresh and healing... The ever expanding horizon scintillates with sunlight as you observe its depths, green-blue to blue, reminiscent of the March birthstone known as Aquamarine.


The coloring of this beryl stone separates it from other varieties of the same mineral. The hue embodies the shades of water so definitively that it’s namesake is Latin and derived from the terms for seawater - “Aqua” and “Marina”.


Aquamarine has the reputation as “the traveler’s stone” since it was often a talisman to sailors traversing tumultuous seas. Vessels being tossed wave to wave and the ocean frothy with anger could be subdued by the still calmness of Aquamarine.


This blue gemstone is also known for clarity. It’s presence, like gazing into a cool pool of unstirring water, luring you into captivation. Stones are typically faceted with a large table to fully display the richness of an Aquamarine’s watery palette from the lightest blues to the most extensively colored. Natural stones with no treatment often show an exceptional blue coloring hinted with green.


True blue and cleansing, Aquamarine is a traditional gift for a bride’s “something blue”. Marriage, like the sea, can be unpredictable. The steadiness of this gem is a reminder to calmly navigate stormy seas.  


Wilson’s Estate Jewelry has radiant pieces that exemplify the invigorating characteristics of Aquamarine.


This vintage 1940’s platinum ring sweeps you away in the saturated blues of this deeply cut stone from the famous Brazilian Santa Maria de Itabira mine in the state Minas Gerias. This mine is famous for its brilliantly blue Aquamarine as evidenced in this fetching cocktail ring.


Aquamarine Diamond Estate Rings

This Edwardian ring has a frosty center stone set in scrolling platinum detail that invokes movement around the Aquamarine as well a highly decorated golden gallery that will embolden it’s wearer.