Wilson's Estate Jewelry Celebrates National Women's Month

March is the time of year where the first thoughts of spring start to sneak through, rays of warming sunshine, birds returning to nest, and little tufts of green sprouting from the dry, cracked ground. It's a time of reflection as buds blossom and eggs gestate, dreaming of what they will become.

March also happens to be National Women's Month, a dedicated time for women to regard famed female feats and to look forward to what new opportunities will bloom. This celebratory month came into existence due to International Women's Day, first commemorated in 1911 and was initially regarded as a socialist holiday. However, in 1967, the feminist movement took over the mantle of International Women's Day to mean equal rights and empowerment. Over time, one day turned into a week, then finally an entire month. In 1987 Congress passed a Public Law in which the President can proclaim March as National Women's Month. Since then each President has kept the tradition going annually to continue to progress and highlight women.


At Wilson's Estate Jewelry we recognize women in art with two new female hires this month, one of whom recently went down to a leadership conference in Austin thanks to the Women's Jewelry Association.

Supporting our staff to grow and learn is like gardening. We have learned to give significant attention to tiny eager seeds that will result in a blooming garden of radiant color. Each flower needs to be happy and healthy to provide you with a bountiful bouquet unique in smell, color, and shape all working in unison to complete a vision.

Jewelry has incredible vocal power as well as the ability to bolster confidence so we want to share with you our jeweled florals to remind you to tend to your gardens for a brighter tomorrow.

Jewelry Flower Antique Ring Sapphire Ruby Emerald Diamond

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