Easter Icons - Celebratory Jewelry

Our imagination is racing with hopping rabbits and tweeting chicks as we curate our Easter finest.
Cartier French Jewelry Enamel Rabbit Charm Charm Bracelet Art Deco
Flowers are always a favorite guest at Easter dinner.

Their dynamic display of radiating petals represent renewal - articulating the perseverance needed to endure winter and fully flourish for spring.
Retro Flower Brooch Statement Jewelry Ruby Sapphire Diamond Gemstone Jewelry
Similarly, our fluttering butterfly brooches bespeak of transformative change and rebirth.
Plique-a-jour enamel jewerly butterfly brooch animal jewelry philadelphia antique jewelry
While traditionally, in Christian iconography, birds signify promise and peace.
Bird Brooch Pave Diamond Vintage Gold Statement Jewelry
This year, we’re eager to dress up for Easter since we’re feeling festive and inspired.

What baubles would you like to fill your basket?

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