Men's Engagement

Jewelry-clad men have been making a triumphant return!

We are heralding back to Victorian and Edwardian fashion where men wore marriage bracelets and bands.
Victorian Signet Ring Men's Jewelry Men's Fashion Gold Band Ring
Which makes us wonder, why should girls get to have all the fun?

Celebrate your engagement with something that looks as good as you feel.

Wide bands with sleek linework illustrate a crisp design that exudes powerful linear energy.
Bailey Banks And Biddle Ruby Sapphire Diamond Band Ring Vintage Gold Men's Wedding Band
While dexterously carved motifs tell enthralling stories that resonate.
Art Deco Egyptian Revival Pharaoh Ring Signet Diamond Ring Men's Band
Jade Signet Ring Golf Ring Vintage Gold Jewelry Men's Rings
However, it is hard to ignore the vitality that flows forth from saturated gem color.
Citrine Art Deco Gemstone Ring Men's Band Ring Vintage Gold
Jewelry reflects the aesthetic of the wearer - whether bold or reserved.

Estate band rings are a treasure trove for engagements, promises, or just everyday style.

Dapple in our dapper wares here!