Enticing Etruscan Revival Jewelry

Imagine if tomorrow we uncovered the lost city of Atlantis. Each artifact would strike inspiration into the arts and ebb its way into fashion.

That’s exactly what happened to Victorian society in the 19th century as archaeological expeditions uncovered Etruscan tombs, Pompeii, and ancient Greece.

Victorian Etruscan Revival Gold Wrap Bracelet Period Fashion Animal Jewelry 

Victorians clamored to emulate the irresistible finesse of Etruscan design. It had simplistic geometry that was brought to life with alluring details that emanated an overall elegance. 

Victorian Etruscan Revival Drop Pampel Earrings Vintage Gold Jewelry period fashion

Granulation was also a technique that was indicative of Etruscan design. An artisan carefully heated gold into little beads to be used for embellishment.

Etruscan revival style is perfect for a bold look with a compelling story to tell.

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Victorian Etruscan Revival Fringe Pendant Necklace Sautoir Carved Banded Agate Gemstone Necklace