Gilded Glamour As Jewelry

Gilded Glamor highlights the gemmed aesthetics of the late Victorian period - 1870 to 1900.
Gilded Age Met Gala Jewelry Victorian Diamond Necklace
This era was marked with rapid economic and industrial growth - revolutionizing social classism as well as technology.

We are able to see these changes through jewelry.

Stone cutting techniques became more refined. Artisans were able to more finely fashion gemstones into shapes with more balanced faceting.
Oval cut diamond Oval cut sapphire Victorian Gold Bangle Bracelet
Along with cutting, mining techniques also modernized. Kashmir sapphires were discovered as well as other plentiful mining deposits in Australia, India, and Africa.
Antique Tiffany & Co. Kashmir Sapphire Vintage Gold Cabochon Gemstone Ring
Platinum as a workable metal was introduced. Victorians transitioned from setting diamonds in silver to setting them in platinum - a harder metal that does not oxidize as quickly.
Victorian Starburst Diamond Pendant Edwardian Ruby Heart Pendant
With these advances, fabrication of jewelry became more easeful. Easier production led to more availability for all social classes - not just the elite.

The Gilded Age was an inspiring time that helped shape the 20th century.

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