October's Birthstone - Magical Opal

We’re completely enamored by the lively allure of opal! Its essence is magic captured in a stone.

October’s birthstone is dreamy with spellbinding splashes of spectral color that glows beneath its surface - a phenomenon known as play-of-color.

Opal Cabochon Statement Ring Art Nouveau Insect Brooch Victorian Cluster Ring

Opal is typically fashioned as a polished cabochon to increase its durability and to fully display its luminosity.

This mystifying gem comes to fruition after millions of years of formation in arid conditions, primarily in Australia and Africa. 

Victorian Fire Opal Cluster Ring Seven Fire Opal Cabochon with strong play-of-color

Opal invigorates its wearer with a quiet power that permeates from within.

When wearing this stone you are in tune with the universe and ready to answer to its call.

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Victorian Cluster Statement Ring Cushion Opal Cabochon with Sapphire halo