Fall Fashion - Gemstone Jewelry

Fall is our favorite season!

The weather becomes crisp as the leaves begin to change - alighting our city parks with robust oranges, reds, and yellows.
Tiffany & Co. Antique Citrine Cameo Bar Brooch
The color palette is an engaging ambient warmth that encompasses Philadelphia in its verdure.

Suddenly we find ourselves matching our gemstones to this inspiring landscape.

Citrine and topaz exude honeyed hues accompanied by their vivid transparency. This orangey goodness radiates contagious joy.
Vintage Citrine Topaz Tremblant Statement Ring
Smokey quartz and topaz have earthy grounding tones that come to life with romantic faceting - dancing playfully with light.
David Yurman Smokey Topaz Cluster Ring Statement Jewelry Designer
Garnets and rubies elicit passionate purplish-reds that satisfy like a finely aged wine.
Mid-Century ruby tassel lariat necklace Statement Estate Jewelry
Yellow sapphires and diamonds radiate light from within - glowing like the sun.
Yellow Sapphire Statement Earrings Emerald Cut Mid-Century
These jewels saturate our jewelry box with their animated personalities.

Enjoy the season and shop with us here!