Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Wilson’s Estate Jewelry!

We have lots to be thankful for this year, especially our relationships with all of you.

Jewelry that exudes this feeling of gratitude has one of our favorite motifs - wheat.
Men's Jewelry Fashion Vintage Diamond Band Ring Wheat Band Ring

A sheaf of wheat was regarded as the “staff of life” in the Victorian era.
1970's Twisted Rope Gold Earrings Wheat Ear-Clip Earrings Statement Jewelry
It was used to symbolize the enrichments of an individual’s life as well as societal wealth.

Flaxen gold was woven and braided to emulate the natural textures of an ear of wheat.
1970's Vintage Woven Wheat Chain Emerald Diamond Line Bracelet
While in Deco times, this motif transformed into a stylized chevron engraving.
Art Deco Laurel Halo Engagement Ring Vintage Cocktail Ring Diamond Ring
Another paragon of thankfulness was the depiction of a bushel of grapes - symbolic of prosperity.

And so we share these emblems with you and wish you a very happy holiday.
Retro Natural Pearl Grape Cluster Brooch Statement Jewelry