Jeepers Creepers Art Nouveau Creatures

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The Art Nouveau style embraced the mythical and the mystical with pieces inspired by whimsical storytelling.
Art Nouveau Whiplash Phoenix Cufflinks Men's Fashion
Artists chose to craft creatures with a powerful presence - breaking away from the more traditional Victorian fashion of rendering pets and insects.

They chose to depict coiling serpents that ruled over both land and sea.
Dragon brooch diamond jewelry Men's fashion
Lion faced beings ferociously roared - fearsome but just.
Art Nouveau Lion Bracelet Diamond Jewelry Whiplash Motifs
Dragons always reigned supreme - imbued with an unmatchable refined majesty.
Turquoise Cabochon Lariat Gemstone Necklace Dragon Jewelry
This era brought to life the wonders of the world and captured the imagination.

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Plique-a-jour enamel Gargoyle Stickpin Art Nouveau Jewelry