Princess Diana Sapphire Inspiration

We savor the majesty of September’s birthstone - the bright royal blue sapphire.

One of the most famous sapphires is not the largest or most remarkable, but it was worn by one of the world’s most photographed women.

Princess Diana was regaled for her impeccable style and magnanimous demeanor. 

Princess Diana Engagement Ring Ceylon Sapphire Cluster Ring Double Diamond Halo

In 1981 her engagement to Charles, Prince of Wales, was marked by a gorgeous 12.00 carat Ceylon sapphire.

Sri Lankan in origin, the stone had a valuable and desirous hue - well matched to the intensity of the young Princess’ eyes. 

Ceylon Sapphire Cluster Jewelry Vintage Estate Jewelry Starburst Stud Earrings Pendant Necklace

The cluster style ring was crafted by the royal jeweler Garrard in 18 karat white gold with the center stone elevated by a diamond halo surround.

The piece sparked a frenzy for the design that recently had a resurgence via Kate Middleton. 

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