Flower Power - A Timeless Motif

Floral motifs are a common thread in the jewelry timeline and have evolved stylistically throughout.

Georgian and Victorian pieces were ornate and romantic with ribboned flowers being the primary characteristic.

Victorian Silver-Topped Gold Natural Pearl Drop Earrings Cluster floral motif

Art Nouveau was a celebration of nature with metal fabrication burgeoning as florals and foliate.

Art Nouveau Diamond Floral Cluster Flower Brooch Whiplash jewelry

Edwardian flower power was appropriated as crisp and subtle lace-like design, often in platinum.

Edwardian Diamond Demantoid Garnet Giardinetto Jewelry

Art Deco was geometric and stylized with a prominence of the orange blossom motif.

Art Deco Rock Crystal Quartz Floral Cluster Brooch Philadelphia Antique Jewelry

Retro renditions were dynamic and really captured the dimensional intrigue of a blooming flower.

Retro Cartier Natural Sapphire Diamond Drop Floral Earrings

Vintage clusters emulate the radiating excitement of a flower’s petals as they encircle a central point.

JE Caldwell Oscar Heyman Designer Ruby Diamond Cluster Ring

Floral design has become as varied and colorful as its true life counterpart. This motif has continuously grown and brings constant inspiration to each generation.

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