Orange Blossom Motif - Origin And Meaning

The orange blossom is a hopeful and celebratory flower with bright white color and a delicate scent. It is often used in perfumes and bouquets and is quite popular to integrate into weddings. Its bloom is a promise of bountiful fruit which symbolizes prosperity, and its color denotes innocence.

The orange blossom was catapulted into prominence when Queen Victoria adorned her floral wedding crown with the five-petaled citrus bud, acknowledging her marriage to Albert would be fruitful for Britain, and it was.

White Flower Wedding Bouquet Two-Tone Gold Orange Blossom Diamond Engagement Ring

This flower was fashionable during the Victorian reign but lost momentum at the turn of the century and throughout the more flamboyant Edwardian era. This little blossom was not lost or forgotten. Instead, it transformed into an attractive floral motif engraved into Art Deco jewelry.

The five petals were slimmed down to four to accentuate balance. Typically the flower is rendered with a circular center surrounded by four petals highlighted by line-work. There is also a more geometric version that has just the four petals as an angular formation.

Engraved Orange Blossom Motif Art Deco Engagement Ring Antique Jewelry
This motif is visually striking when repeated. We will often see these florals patterned along the shoulders of a mounting, accentuating the center diamond. The orange blossom was also significantly used in bands during this time; flawlessly alternating with diamonds or emulating them with meticulous metalwork.

Orange Blossom Motif Round Brilliant Diamond Retro Engagement Ring

The orange blossom is a sweet subtle detail that is used thoughtfully to elevate bridal designs with romantic sentiment.

Here are a few of our favorites that we have accumulated and would love to see in your collection!

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