Why Are Art Deco Engagement Rings In Demand?

There is a romanticism attached to the Art Deco era based on distinct fashion trends, artwork, and architectural style. Jewelers were willing to create beautiful pieces that had unusual lines and dynamic gemstone groupings. The contrast of diamonds with colored stones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies was a quintessential element of Art Deco design.

The resurgence of these antique lovelies is perfectly sensible when you  consider and appreciate the nuances of a ring such as this Art Deco diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

Notice the dazzle of the center diamond that is full of sparkle. It is an old European cut with depth and dimension. It is flanked by calibrè set sapphires in a delicate crescent moon shape. The contrast is captivating.

This view highlights the detailed intricate lacy designs of the mounting accented throughout by diamonds, and the height of the setting lends a significant amount of presence to the center stone.

A final elegant and very Deco element completes the mounting - a geometric pentagon fit so seamlessly into the curvaceous components. You will also notice the engraved details along the shoulders of the ring which provide an intimate finishing touch.

With careful consideration, the fascination with Art Deco engagement rings is evident. They are fine, unusual and well crafted pieces of art!

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