Oceanic Gems!

If you put your ear up to our jewelry box you might hear the soothing sounds of the ocean.

We dove deep down into our safe to uncover its wonders.
Art Deco Charm Charm Bracelet Charm Necklace Antique Jewelry
We could beryl-y contain our excitement at the treasure we found!

Greenish-blue aquamarines contrasting the saturated depths of sapphire.
Aquamarine Pendant Necklace Oscar Heyman Sapphire Brooch Temple St. Claire Aquamarine Ring
Natural gemstones derived directly from the ocean floor itself - Pearls & Coral
Henry Dunay Vintage Coral Bead Station Necklace Statement Gold Jewelry

Creatures with flippers, tales, and scales!
Diamond Jewelry Carrera Y Carrera Vintage Gold Necklace Animal Brooch
Cast your line and snag your catch before it’s gone!

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