Packed for a Picnic

It’s the height of summer!

We’re packing our picnic basket full of watermelon tourmalines and textured crunchy gold.

Then, with a springed step, we’ll bask ourselves in the quiet recess of a midsummer breeze as we sit upon a checkerboard blanket.
Checkerboard Angela Cummings Designer Tiffany & Co. Silver Jewelry Collar Necklace
Where will you wander we wonder to wrestle up delicious grub?
Vintage Gold Brooch Robert Wander Animal Jewelry Pearl Caterpillar Brooch
We’ve chosen the banks of the Schuylkill to treat ourselves to gemmed delicacies.

Little skittering feet and beating wings have come to join us!
Antique Victorian Beetle Brooch Pearl Jewelry Philly Bridal June Birthstone
Creeping and crawling across our picnic spread are little bug friends putting their colors on full display.
Antique Enamel Jewelry Vintage Bug Accessories Designer Diamond Earrings
All in all it has been the perfect summer day with excellent company.

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