Peridot Shines as August's Birthstone

August's birthstone, peridot, shines an electrifying lime green, captivating in its intensity. It exhibits this vivid color through careful faceting to have light seem as though it's radiating from within the jewel itself.

Peridot August Birthstone
The brilliant stone is not only beautiful but tough. Most gemstones tend to form at the Earth's crust, but the journey for peridot starts in the mantle where it crystallizes with help from the tremendous heat of magma. From there, it rockets to the surface with a surge of volcanic activity. Ancient Egyptians famously mined the eruptive island of Zabargad off the coast of the Red Sea in search for Cleopatra's favorite jewel the emerald, but often they found the brilliant peridot. The island is now known as St. John's and still produces the green gem to this day.

Art NOUVEAU Peridot Bracelet August Birthstone

Peridot's viridian hues were thought to be representative of mother nature, symbolic of growth and fertility. The scrolled foliage designs of the Art Nouveau movement wielded peridot metaphorically and visually to create delicate nature-inspired jewelry.

Suffrage women's movement jewelry peridot

It was also popular during the women's suffrage movement, since its green was believed to be a sign of strength and leadership.

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