About Us

Whether buying or selling, Wilson’s promises to treat every client with honesty and respect. We pride ourselves on our customer service and have established a reputation of fairness and professionalism.  We will go out of our way to provide our clients with an experience unmatched by industry competitors.  As one of the most respected estate jewelry dealers in the country, Wilson’s offers beautiful estate, vintage, antique and designer jewelry at an exceptional value. 

Based in Pennsylvania, our team travels daily throughout the Tri-State area in search of the finest antique pieces.  Our goal is to select only authentic items of the highest quality.

We thrive on outstanding client satisfaction which has guided us for over a decade and has solidified our commitment to building a life-long relationship of trust with each client and dealer.

Our inventory consists of antique jewelry (more than 100 years old) including Edwardian, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.  We also offer vintage Retro, Mid-Century, Modern and Contemporary periods along with estate jewelry.

Vintage, estate, and antique jewelry has distinctive qualities of workmanship, sophistication and rarity that are not often found in modern pieces. This makes the pieces highly desirable to collectors and connoisseurs of jewelry. Because these items are not available in large quantities, they tend to retain their value.
Wilson’s is an industry leader in purchasing jewelry, diamonds, precious gems, and luxury watches from the public and other estate dealers.



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