These Gems Have Stolen Our Heart

We could “heart-ily” resist sharing with you our favorite heart inspired gems!

The heart motif has been a favorite for more than a century with its aesthetically pleasing curves and the simplicity of its message.

Victorian pieces often depict the double heart - representative of the loyalty and integrity of a marriage.

Victorian Double Heart Brooch Sapphire Ruby Diamond Heart Halo

A single heart adorned by a crown wordlessly implies that one rules of their lover’s heart. 

Victorian Crowned Heart Brooch Purple Heart Amethyst Cabochon Diamond Halo

Edwardian hearts dazzle with diamonds as they accent intricate lace-like fabrication.

Edwardian Pave Diamond Heart Necklace Platinum

Art Deco pieces secretly sneak messages of love - nestled and hidden - for the wearer’s viewing pleasure.  

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring With Heart Gallery Stepped Shoulders

More contemporary works embrace the graceful elegance of the heart - letting the shape sinuously interact with the body. 

Bulgari Heart Link Bracelet Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Open Heart Band Ring

It’s the most romantic time of year, so celebrate with these heartfelt designs!

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