Runaway With The Jewelry Circus

“Come runaway with us as we join the jewelry circus,” calls the jubilant ring leader as he heartily extends a gemmed hand to the sky.

Spritzer & Fuhrmann Enamel Pave Diamond Circus Ring Master Statement Brooch Blue Green Yellow

Indulge in imagination as we curate a selection of whimsical forms that playfully perform to the senses.

Each piece is a treat for the eye as they sweep us away in joyous excitement! We’re captivated in awestruck wonder at the symphony of bright colors and bombastic shapes.

Art Deco Ruby Chrysoberyl Diamond Sapphire Exotic Bird Charm Bracelet

“Step right up and flex your muscles at the world’s strongest man!” The ring leader challenges as a mustachioed strong man hoists a rubied barbell overhead in a feat of incredible strength.

diamond victorian mallet gavel charm ruby pave diamond strongman charm

“Come one, come all and see what treasures there are to behold! We have towering giraffes, roaring lions, and elephants galore!”

Shop our festive finds here and be sure not to feed the animals!

pave diamond elephant charm art nouveau lion fob pendant Tiffany & Co. sapphire giraffe brooch