Saint Patrick's Day Greens

This Saint Patrick’s day you’ll find our best and brightest green gems at the end of the rainbow.

This energizing hue is captivating and has traditionally been worn to ensure prosperity and good health to its wearer.
Edwardian Demantoid Garnet Diamond Fern Statement Brooch
Green revitalizes and is closely associated with the powerful resurgence of spring. Lapidaries often carve gemstones to depict the lush and flourishing wealth found in nature. 
Art Nouveau Carved Chrysoprase Link Bracelet
Even gold can be colored a soft chartreuse to elegantly complement its typical flaxen tone. 
Art Nouveau Green Gold Foliate Pearl Drop Necklace

However, nothing compares to the engaging viridian majesty of emerald. It's peerless when it comes to color and it is the definition of affluence and beauty. 

Colombian emerald specimens are highly sought after due to its pure saturated green pigmentation that is not tainted by secondary blues that are common in most emeralds. 
 1950's Mid-Century Colombian Emerald Three Stone Ring

Whatever treasure you choose will surely bring you luck and charm those around you.