Wilson's Lucky Charms

We spy with our little eyes - something green and lucky!
Diamond Horseshoe Stickpin Edwardian Jewelry Men's Fashion
Our pot of gold is overflowing with felicitous tokens and talismans that will bring good tidings and joy.

Such as the clover motif - with each of its three leaves representing faith, hope, and luck.
Victorian Clover Brooch with Antique Safety Pin Statement Gold Jewelry
While a four leafed clover is the epitome of good fortune.

Green gemstones are notoriously believed to bring its wearers prosperity.

Explore saturated viridian emeralds - Exotically Colombian & Zambian.
Vintage Emerald Cluster Ring Diamond Halo Alternative Engagement Ring
The electric lime hues of peridot.

And the verdant mottling of jade.
Carved Jade Gemstone Jewelry Art Deco Statement Brooch Period FashionPlique-a-jour enamel lily pad pearl peridot station necklace Antique long chain necklace pearl strand
Their auspicious hues encourage positive change and healthy growth.

Delve into our lucky charms and have a happy St. Patrick’s day!